Size Guide

Baby wraps


Our regular collection of baby wraps comes in sizes 3 to 7. Sizes 2, 8 and 9 are available on demand or during our pre-order offerings. It is important to consider your and your baby's size and which carry you would like to do when choosing the right size. In general "shorties" (2-3) are convenient for a hip carry, size 4 is a go-to size for a ruck (or a double hammock tied at shoulder), sizes 5-6 for the basic Front Wrap Cross Carry, and sizes 7-9 for extra length.  

The table below shows our standard sizes and a suggestion on the carries you could perform with given size. We recommend you to reach out to a trained babywearing consultant or to a local babywearing group where you can try different wrap sizes to find which one suits you best,

Please note the length of the wraps is measured with soft taped in hand while gently pulling on the fabric. This results in a significant difference in length than when measuring a wrap lying flat. 

Ring slings


The standard size of our ring slings is ca. 200 cm measured from the rings to the shorter taper and ca. 220 cm to the longer taper.

Baby carriers


Coming soon ....