Origin Helen


42% organic cotton 31% Peruvian pima cotton 27% linen, gsm ca. 320

A classic blend in superb execution. We chose for Peruvian Pima cotton, a luxury cotton considered to be one of the finest and softest cottons in the world. Its silky luster and incredible soft touch is a result of the rich soil and perfect all year round growing temperatures in the coastal valleys of Peru. The harvesting is done entirely by hand which effects in high quality smooth fibres in a dazzling white shade which dyes beautifully. The linen has been grown in the coastal stretch of Western Europe where the flax fibre originates from. Damp ocean climate and rich soils result in a supple and strong fibres characterised by great water absorbing ability.

Origin Helen is a medium weight wrap with around 320gsm. As with all linen blends it will require some breaking in to achieve its full potential. It wraps easily and is very cushy and supportive with heavier babies and toddlers. A great summer wrap combining the unique qualities of some of the best linen with the mind-blowing softness of Peruvian Pima cotton. Suitable for all but will need some breaking before using with smaller babies. Grey melange on white linen.
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