Milkweed Golden Moss



39% cotton 32% hemp 29% machine washable merino

This is a great wrap for heavy babies and toddlers, especially those who like to eat ice cream while on your back. As with all hemp* it will need breaking in but fully broken in hemp feels nearly as soft as cashmere while remaining easy care. The easy care merino wool** adds a pleasant recoil and a soft touch from the very beginning. This wrap is a work horse but the more love you will give it the more cush you will receive in return. Stunning golden green on crispy white

*The hemp is from European origin and the yarn has been produced in Italy.

**The merino used in this wrap comes from South Africa and is museling free. The yarn has been produced in Germany. It has been made machine washable through a new sustainable technology which has been G.O.T.S certified. Traditional methods of making wool machine washable involve using coating with chlorine and are polluting for the environment.

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